Directed by the fanatics of La Generale De Cinema, Le Big Muff is the eighth installment of the Rock 'n' Roll Series, filmed in glorious Supralowvision 8mm with the Bimono sound system.


Pre-production began in June 2016, we were filming Sorry but Mister Gould doesn't live here anymore. We imagined a more experimental version of the famous pianist using effects pedals. During our research we were able to see how the musicians had confidence in this pedal and the decision was made to make it the first of  the seven film series who become soon after The Rock'N'Roll Series . After a short email conversation  with Larry DeMarco of Electro-Harmonix we decided to go ahead with the project. Electro-Harmonix even lend us three great Big Muff for the film.


Mike Matthews and Bob Myer has developed the pedal that defines the sound of today's rock music. Musicians, engineers, technicians, not to mention historians were willing to contribute to fill the bottomless abyss of our ignorance.


Production officially began September 5, 2016 with three Big Muff,  a Gretch, and a Fender Frontman... in a bath.