September 14, 2016

Pierre H received an autographed photograph of Mister Mike Matthews. Now he won't just shut up about it

September 5, 2016

First day of shooting, "Don't try this at home kids!!!"

July 25, 2016

Cool, Mister Larry DeMarco of Electro-Harmonix send us some vintage ads of the Big Muff.

January 19, 2017

We are now working with the Musée Des Ondes Émile Berliner. The Big Muff is going vintage.

November 27, 2016

Recording Four men With a Big Muff by Les Gouines Audio at MEL (Monotone Extension Lab).

September 10, 2016

Filming in Quebec city . A harp + a Big Muff = A struggling sound technician.


December 22, 2016

After losing them, the lab finally send us the 16mm reel for the Drive-In version of the Le Big Muff trailer.

October 8, 2016

How can we describe the director in the second week of filming?  Polite psychopath!

August 24, 2016

Well these guys undertand the concept of sound through a big Muff. Thank you very much François (and Francis and Marx-André) of Réservoir Audio.



July 18, 2016

After numerous fantasies from UPS Canada, we finally received the 3 Big Muff  that Electro-Harmonix kindly lend us.